Best Snowboard Brands

When it comes to snowboards, it’s not really the brand you want to focus on but the actual board.

There are a variety of different brands to choose from. Most of the top snowboard manufacturers have great boards but some of their models are just better than others. You can get a better board from a poorer quality brand by getting a good model from that brand compared to getting a bad model from a high quality brand.

So instead of just buying from a particular brand, look at the ratings and reviews for specific boards within those brands. Many times, you’ll find more expensive boards rated poorly compared to some cheaper boards.

If you’re a beginner, brand doesn’t even matter. Your focus will be on building your skills and discovering what type of board works best for you. If anything, either rent one or buy an affordable one, build up your skills, then invest in something more expensive. You probably don’t want to end up like the many who buy a nice snowboard only to use it a few time and let it collect dust in the garage, never to be used again. It happens.

Another thing you can do is to just rent different snowboards and see which ones you like best. Figure out the size and style of the board that best fits your body and skill level. Snowboarding shoes are also important.

To get better at snowboarding, nothing beats actual experience. You just need to go a bunch of times. However, going without any knowledge or any plan on what to improve on will slow your progress. If you don’t want to spend money on taking classes and don’t know anyone who is willing to teach you, what you can do is watch videos on Youtube. There are a lot of good instructional videos for beginners that can help improve your skills.

Practice is key but you’ll get much more out of your practice if you’re practicing the right things. Give it time. You will fall a lot and it will likely feel awkward when trying new techniques but with enough time, you will get the hang of it. Once you get good enough, spending more money on a snowboard will make a lot more sense.