Nike VS Adidas

When it comes to shoes, which company is better, Nike or Adidas. In terms of brand recognition, Nike wins. When it comes to design, that depends on your personal preference but Nikes are more popular in that area as well.

Adidas also makes some nice shoes and have some great designs. Adidas does have a pair of shoes that beats Nike in terms of comfort and that is their Pure Boost line. The material they use for the soles makes it feel like you’re walking on clouds.

They have several different versions like the Ultra Boost for runners and Pure Boost X for cross training. If you’re a Kanye fan, then you’ve probably heard of his Yeezy Boost shoes. They’re super pricey but also super comfortable. There was a lot of hype around them and when they were released, fans lined up for hours to get their hands on them. Of course, there are also others who bought them just to resell them on Ebay.

Now on Nike’s end, you have Jordans which are unbeatable in terms of shoes that hold their value over time. Currently, there are 30 different Jordans. You’ll find plenty of sites ranking each one from best to worse. If there was a king of collectable shoes, Jordans would be it. The lines these shoes produce when a new one is released is incredible. Of course, when something is this popular and valuable, it will be imitated which means you’ll want to buy them from reputable sources unless you know how to spot the fakes.

A big part of what makes one brand appear better than the other is marketing. Nike has some really awesome commercials, most starring beloved athletes. Adidas has some pretty star studded endorsements as well but in terms of brand recognition, it’s hard to beat Nike’s “swoosh”, one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about preference and what you look for in a shoe company. For most people, it comes down to the specific shoe they are wearing. Nike shoes are a bit more fashionable and popular but those Pure Boost shoes from Adidas are very hard to beat in terms of comfort.

There’s also price. Not very many people are willing to spend $500 on a pair of shoes but there are plenty of sneaker heads out there that will and do. Buying and selling shoes can be a good hobby and even a profitable business in of itself. Shoes need to really have something unique and special for people to want to pay those crazy price tags.

In our opinion, Nike wins overall but again, as long as you like the shoes you’re wearing, it doesn’t really matter what brand you’re sporting.