Concealer Vs Foundation

When it comes to makeup, there are certain products that almost every women uses. Two of those products is concealer and foundation. What is the difference? Foundation is used to even out the skin tone on your face. You typically apply it all over your face. Concealer is a thicker cream that is typically used on certain spots on your face like eye circles and where you have pimples. You can apply foundation first then add on concealer to touch up any parts of your face that doesn’t look even. You can also just use concealer if the skin tone on your face is already quite even.

There are tons of brands of foundation and concealers to choose from but if you want good products that isn’t too crazy expensive, then the foundation products on this page and the concealers on this page is what you’ll want to buy.

You’ll notice the concealers cost a bit more in terms of how much you actually get. This is mainly because you’ll be using a lot less of it. Many people just use foundation since it’s the “foundation” of any makeup routine.

When it comes to makeup, you’ll eventually prefer some brands over others but not everyone just sticks to one brand. You might like the foundation from one brand and the mascara from another brand. Makeup products can be expensive so if you’re just starting out, it’s fine to go with something cheap as you practice putting makeup on. It’ll also help you appreciate the higher quality brand makeup products.