Clarinet Reeds

Brands like Vandoren and Rico are some of the best which is why they’re so highly rated. Yes, you can buy cheaper, generic brands but they simply don’t play as well. Not only that, they won’t last nearly as long either. To save money on the quality brands, buy bulk online.

To save even more money, here are some tips on extending the life of your clarinet reeds so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Make Reeds Last Longer

1. New reeds need some time to break in. What you can do is use a teaspoon (back) to rub them firmly, from the hear to the tip. This helps make your reeds last longer by closing its fibers.

2. Many players use their saliva to wet their reed before playing. Instead of doing this, use water when possible.

3. When you’re doing play, use clean water and rinse the reed. From there, dry it with a cloth.

4. Similar to how people rotate their shoes or jeans, rotate your reeds. So instead of using one until you have to get a new one, rotate between several of them. This helps give the reed you just used some more time between sessions which will help extend its life.

5. Get some hydrogen peroxide and soak your reeds in them every now and then. This helps by counteracting the effects your saliva has on the reeds. Just put them in the solution overnight and rinse them the next day. You can get this stuff at any drugstore or even big grocery chains. Get the 3% one.